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Fans Take Out Frustrations On Romo Jerseys

In December, the 49ers took a virtual red marker to their online shop, slashing prices on Colin Kaepernick apparel. It sure looked like the team was trying to move as much merch as they could before the inevitable happened and Kaepernick was cut.

Suddenly things have changed. Jed York and the Niners announced the hire of Chip Kelly on Thursday and the Niners aren’t offering up discounts on Kaepernick gear anymore.

Jones seemed frustrated with the team when he made that statement. But after the last game, fans seem frustrated with one player in particular – Quarterback Tony Romo.

On New Year’s Eve, he still hadn’t felt like he’d washed his hands clean of the Cowboys QB.

“Here we are. Every year. No playoff,” he said.

So, he took another Romo jersey, draped it in front of an old washing machine that he filled with explosive material and fired a rifle at it.

It blew up.

“I just ain’t no Romo fan no more,” Maddox said.

There were others for whom Tony Romo had quickly become an old flame.

Before lighting his Romo jersey on fire, one fan said, “You’ve broken my heart for the last time.”

He played the first few bars of Johnny’s Cash’s Ring of Fire as the jersey burned.

Some fans think there are others whose feet should be held to the fire.

Visiting Cowboys Stadium with his family, Jose Pallares said, “It’s the team. It’s not just one person.”

For now, it’s Romo who’s taking the hit from fans who say they really do love the team.

Other fans are calling for a complete overhaul of the Cowboys, including Tony Romo, Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones.


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