What makes the Broncos offense so effective?

What I want to do with my Chalk Talk every week is try to find unusual or unique schemes on offense or defense that have been effective for one or more of the NFL teams. Those are usually the most enjoyable plays to break down. They also seem to be the most entertaining to the people who read them.

The problem is that some weeks there just aren’t many unusual, unique, and effective schemes when you go back and watch the film. Or, the team using the scheme that catches my eye happens to be the team whose plays I broke down just the week prior, which is the case today. I argued back and forth in my head about whether to go with the Broncos’ plays again this week, but I can’t help it if they call and run dope stuff every week and most of the other teams don’t.

What is important to me is that I can use these plays to both entertain and educate you as I fill you in on how and why they worked. I think these next two schemes the Broncos ran on offense at the end of their loss to the Seahawks on Sunday to help them come all the way back to tie the game in regulation will certainly fit the bill.

Let me explain. Wes Welker is is on the top of the screen with another wide receiver. The red arrow going away from his body shows the path he is going to run on this screen. It is a very shallow crossing route because he can’t afford to have his progress impeded by one of the Seahawks linebackers trying to jam him or it would throw the whole timing of the play off.

The black line is going away from Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas; he bypasses Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner who is lined up directly across from him and heads down field towards Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman who is lined up well off of the ball.

The blue line extends away from running back Montee Ball. He’ll end up blocking Wagner with outside leverage.8

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