If you want to see Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy in a wrestling singlet, here’s that

There’s a big wrestling meet on Sunday between Oklahoma State and Penn State. It’ll take place in Stillwater, and the Cowboys are trying to get a strong turnout. So they’ve turned to their head football coach, Mike Gundy, to make the pitch to would-be ticket-buyers while wearing a wrestling singlet. There’s a lot going on here.

“We need a butt in every seat to make Gallagher the rowdiest arena in the country,” Gundy urges his fellow Pokes. It’s good to see inter-sport camaraderie.

But that’s not the story here. The story here is what Gundy is wearing as he is making his overture. And what he’s wearing is an orange wrestling singlet:

Gundy’s had a remarkable year of being on the cutting edge of all aspects of personal appearance, and this only furthers his dominance. The main attraction, of course, is his wonderful mullet, which his son almost made him cut but thankfully didn’t.

“We were just not playing our game, we were not the same team as we were earlier on,” Bergevin told reporters on Wednesday. “There was something missing and the team performance showed that there was something not right and the change had to be made.”

Bergevin thanked Michel Therrien for his time with the Canadiens and admitted the conversation to part ways was difficult. But he made a point to clear up two pieces of news that, in his words, had been “misrepresented” in recent weeks.

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