QB Confidence Index: Rating all 32 NFL QB situations

You got a quarterback or not? Or are you not quite sure? These questions define the NFL offseason.

Where will Tony Romo play in 2017? Here’s a complete breakdown of the most probable teams and scenarios … a full dozen.

Football stories are often about fathers and sons. This Super Bowl, and the resulting handshake between Tom Brady and Roger Goodell, might have been more about men and their moms.

What will the Steelers do with top free agent Le’Veon Bell? Will the Raiders get an extension done with Derek Carr? NFL Nation reporters give one offseason prediction for every team.

Teams that have quarterbacks are able to go about the rest of their business in relative peace, sure that the biggest roster question is taken care of, and able to attack the other questions with the confidence that certainly inspires. The Colts have a ton of work to do, sure, but they know what they have at the most important spot.

Dak Prescott did nothing in his first year in Dallas to make anyone worry that he can’t stay good. Building on his brilliant first season is Prescott’s next mission. With that offensive line and Ezekiel Elliott to hand the ball off to, Prescott is set up nicely.

But the early whispers only support what’s become common knowledge at this point: The Eagles are anxious to add talent at receiver and will be players when the gun sounds in a few weeks.

Russell Wilson was hurt and had no offensive line, and Seattle’s running game kind of fell apart around him. So you might be able to give him a pass for his 2016 season. There’s no reason to think Wilson can’t jump back to his 2015 level, but if he doesn’t, he doesn’t belong in the top two groups.

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