Robert Griffin III first professional athlete to wear Roman numerals on jersey?

It was important to him not just because of that promise, but also because when he left Pittsburgh early to pursue an NFL career, he made himself a bit of an outlier among Fitzgeralds. “I was the only one in my family who hadn’t graduated,” Fitzgerald said. “So now, finally being able to graduate, I’m part of the family now, for real.”

Werner will also have the chance to compete against presumptive starter Dante Fowler, the Jaguars’ 2015 first-round pick who missed all of last season after tearing his ACL in training camp.

Dan Quinn brings in Navy SEALs to work with the Falcons for four days

Offseason training is a time for coaches to experiment with new techniques. It’s hard to do bold, unusual things during the season, so mini-camps and OTAs are when NFL coaches do things like “bring in Navy SEALs to work with the team.” PerThe MMQB, that’s exactly what Atlanta Falcons coach Dan Quinn did recently.

Between the Patriots and his family, Brady doesn’t really have time for anything else.

“As you get older, you have more responsibilities, you have more commitments, more events, kids, you’re married now,” Brady said. “You still have all the things that you’ve had, plus you just keep adding. I got a lot.”

Brady and Gisele, who’ve been married since 2009, have two kids together, and kids mean that there’s not much time for anything else.

Basically, if you’re one of Brady’s close friends and he hasn’t seen you lately, he has an explanation for that.

“Sometimes, it’s hard to cut things out, for me where I cut is like my friends, they probably don’t get as much time as they used to,” Brady said.

If Brady’s not spending time with his family, then he’s probably watching film.

“When you’re one of the leaders of the team, there are no days off,” Brady said.

When it’s time to eat in the Brady household, Brady isn’t going to eat what you’re probably eating.

If you haven’t heard about Brady’s famously restrictive diet, here’s a brief recap: He doesn’t like to eat sugar, white flour, olive oil, iodized salt, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, eggplants, all caffeine and dairy products.

It is easy to understand why some will doubt Wentz’s rise in popularity late in the year. I was among Wentz’s biggest critics prior to watching him scorch defenders at the Senior Bowl. It was not just the arm, size and athleticism which turned me into a believer but the poise and leadership he demonstrated, as well. Frankly, I love the fit in Doug Pederson’s offense and the fact that Wentz has a chance to be groomed into the starting role rather than be thrown into the fire as Jared Goff will be in Los Angeles.

One legitimate concern with Wentz is durability, which happens to be my greatest gripe about the Eagles’ only other pick among the top 150. Versatile offensive lineman Isaac Seumalo missed the entire 2014 season with a broken foot, which required two separate surgeries. Like Wentz, talent is not a concern with Seumalo, who was recognized as an All-Pac-12 selection after each of his three healthy seasons in Corvalis.

Among the more versatile linemen in the draft, Seumalo starred at center, right tackle, right guard and left tackle over his time with the Beavers. The 6-foot-4, 303-pound Seumalo lacks the size and arm length (33 inches) preferred for tackle, but he possesses the initial quickness, lateral agility and balance to play there in a pinch and is certainly athletic enough to jump in and compete for immediate playing time on the inside. Like Wentz, Seumalo is a terrific fit in Pederson’s West Coast offense-based scheme.

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