DeAngelo Williams providing free mammograms for Charlotte women

Here’s a Google Maps location for the spot — it’s very near Bank of America Stadium. Lyft has partnered with Williams’ foundation to help provide rides for women who need them.

And if you’re a woman eligible for screening and debating whether or not to go, here’s more incentive: you get a swag bag out of the process too!

There are a lot of ways to leave an indelible impression with your play on the field as an NFL player. Williams work to help battle breast cancer is far more impressive than any rushing mark.

Johnny Manziel’s high school coach didn’t see the downward spiral coming.

Mark Smith, who coached Manziel at Kerrville Tivy High School in Texas, says he doesn’t recognize the Johnny Manziel he sees today — the person who’s facing up to a year in jail for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend and the former Heisman winner who remains a free agent two years after he became a first-round pick of the Browns.

“I really don’t know that guy. I think they’re two different people,” Smith told Sharon Ko of KENS 5 in San Antonio. “Somehow I wish Johnny could find himself back to being Johnny Manziel.”

“Personally, I don’t think there will be a lot of tension,” Wentz said on Friday, via “People might make it out to be, but the coaches and everybody will be on the same page and I think it will be a really good working relationship for sure.”

It’s interesting that Wentz mentions a “working relationship” because that’s one of the things that could potentially make the situation awkward with Bradford. One of the reasons that Bradford wanted out of Philly is because he didn’t think the Eagles wouldgive him a fair shot to win the job.

As Bradford’s agent, Tom Condon said recently, the job is eventually going to Wentz no matter what.

“There is no real competition. If you’ve given up the draft choices [to trade up] and he’s the second pick in the draft, he’s playing,” Condon said in early May. “That’s all there is to it.”

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