President Donald Trump Asks NFL Players for Recommendations on Who to Pardon

President Donald Trump called on NFL players to recommend people for potential presidential pardons on Friday.

According to Pro Football Talk’s Josh Alper, Trump Top Cheap Jerseys said he would consider any cases in which players believe people were imprisoned incorrectly:

I’m going to ask all of those people to recommend to me—because that’s what they’re protesting—people that they think were unfairly treated by the justice system. And I understand that. I’m going to ask them to recommend to me people that were unfairly treated and I’m gonna take a look at those applications and if I find and my committee finds that they’ve been unfairly treated then we’ll pardon them. Or at least let them out.

Coach Pete Carroll likes to say a lot of his prized defenders have Personalized Cheap Jerseys graduated. That’s one way to spin it.

Last season was the first time since 2011 that Seattle’s D failed to finish in the top five in terms of points and yards allowed. A transition was inevitable with some key players aging, but the offseason was a cruel reminder of how suddenly things can change in the NFL.

I personally feel a lot of at-bats come down to one pitch, Bird said. Take it, hit it, miss it, get out on it… Whatever it is, and especially at the big-league level, you just can’t miss mistakes and I feel like there have been times where I’ve gotten a pitch to hit and I just haven’t hit it.

I’m all about consistency. The way I would grade me is the consistency hasn’t quite been there in my mind.

Bird, who is loaded with confidence because he’s raked so often in the past when he’s been healthy, figures he’ll gets better as he continues knocking off rust by getting consistent at-bats.

For sure, and I think I’ve always done better as time goes on as I get settled in, Bird said. But there’s no excuse for it always. You’ve just got to do better and you’ve got to capitalize on mistakes. When you’re facing guys like (Mets ace Jacob) deGrom and backend of the bullpen guys, you just can’t miss mistakes. You work hard to get that pitch and you’ve got to capitalize on it.

All tap ins. All after missed putts of consequence or shots from off the green.

To his credit, at least, Woods had no excuses for the ice-cold flatstick.

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