As OTAs arrive, NFL flunks another English test with word ‘voluntary’

The NFL’s OTA season is here. It’s always a good time to review the definitions of “voluntary” and “mandatory.”

The former refers to the workouts in late May. “Mandatory” describes Cheap Orioles Jerseys the veteran minicamp teams will hold the first two weeks of June.

For help, here’s what, the popular dictionary website, says “voluntary” means. It even uses it in a sentence: “Participation in the program is completely voluntary.”

It’s as if they know what time of year it is. Or, it’s as if they know Cheap Red Wings Jerseys some player, coach, executive, reporter, commentator or fan is about throw a full-scale tantrum over a player missing a “voluntary” workout.

This is business as usual in the NFL. You don’t have to be in the building every single day the rules allow, in sight of your coaches and teammates, showing them your commitment and desire. It’s just that, if you don’t, you’ll always feel never-at-all-subtle pressure to be there or to have an acceptable excuse.

Even though, by those same rules, you don’t need an excuse at all, nor is anybody entitled to accept it or not.

It’s old, and its tired. It should be mandatory for everybody involved to, just for one offseason, let that go.

“The idea was to create a documentary that investigated the real-life stories of elite LGBT athletes,” he says, “delving deep into the big business of sports and providing an inside look at the secret lives of closeted athletes and exposing a culture of exclusion, bigotry and discrimination, which really keeps these athletes in the closet and living in secrecy and in silence.”

Case in point, according to USA Today, is the Division I player in the film who has been told he has a shot at the NFL. His face blurred and voice altered, he says he fears that if he were to come out that teammates wouldn’t talk to him and coaches would see him as inferior.

“I’m not ashamed,” the player says, “just scared.”

That kind of emotion and frustration, sadness and anger spring from scenes from the film that are part of the trailer.

“I just wish you guys would see me as Michael Sam, the football player, instead of Michael Sam, the gay football player,” the former Missouri football player tells the media at the NFL Scouting Combine.

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