Jags vs. Vikings, on the other hand, would have been a nightmare matchup, he added.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has his new contract extension, an enormous deal that also happens to represent victory over one owner who had sparked an ugly rift that exposed Cheap Authentic NHL Jerseys tensions among owners and tore back the curtain on inner workings that millionaire and billionaire owners would prefer to remain secret.

Goodell and the NFL’s compensation committee reached agreement Wednesday on a five-year extension worth up to $200 million, one that could top out at about $40 million annually with close to 90 percent tied to incentives. The contract was months in the making, mostly because Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was in open revolt.

“What many owners said in the past few days was they wanted to get on with the business of the league, and there are a lot of issues very important right now that must be addressed,” Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank, who heads the six-owner committee, told SI’s Peter King. “Now we’ll get to focus on the real issues. The important thing is, the owners have confidence in Roger, and they wanted him to continue. There was no doubt about that.”

“The best matchup is Boston vs. Philadelphia,” said media expert Brad Adgate. “You’ve got two top-10 markets. They’ve met in the Super Bowl before. They’re the top two seeds.”

Last year’s Super Bowl 51 telecast of New England vs. Atlanta drew an average 111.3 million viewers on Fox. Yes, Adgate knows the Super Bowl isn’t nearly as dependent on matchups as the World Series, NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Final, but matchups still matter. With Brady and the Patriots on the field, he predicts Super Bowl 52 will not dip below the key 100 million threshold for the first time Cheap Custom Hockey Jerseys since Steelers-Cardinals averaged 98.7 million at Super Bowl 43 in 2009.

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