Why Josh Hill is the Saints’ breakout player this season

It would be fair to label Saints tight end Josh Hill somewhat of a late bloomer. After hauling in 14 catches in his second season, 2014, and 16 catches in 2015, it appeared that Hill was finally about to break out last season, his fourth year in the league.

Even though he was slowed by a high ankle sprain early on that left him without a catch in the first five games, Hill was still able to get to 15 catches over the course of the next eight games. He seemed to be well on his way to a career best in receptions as well as receiving yardage, even with the missed time, until he went down with a broken leg in Week 13 that ended his season for good.

Ray has benefited greatly from being around premiere edge rushers like Ware and Von Miller, incorporating parts of their game into his. Now, it’s time for him to blaze his own trail. I think he will be more than up to the task.

At first, he was a guy who could make plays just with his athleticism, but his technique has Cheap Jerseys To Design come a long way. Even on the occasions where he has to drop back in coverage, Ray looks much smoother now than he did initially.

He injured his wrist this preseason which means he is going to miss some time early on in the season. When he does start playing again, he is likely going to have to have it casted up. Having worn a cast on my wrist several times in the NFL, I can tell you that as long as he has a good tolerance for pain, that shouldn’t slow him Cheap Jerseys Sale down all that much.

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