Maybe he won’t set the world on fire this year

With Thomas, there is no way of knowing just how quickly he will get better at making contested catches, but to me that is the only thing that would hold him back from having pretty impressive numbers this season.

Maybe he won’t set the world on fire this year, but I do think Thomas will make a decent contribution to the Buffalo offense, if he stays healthy. With zero catches to his name so far, just about any level of production would qualify as a breakout season for him.

I expect Thomas to end up with over 20 catches this season which, considering the position switch, would definitely qualify as a legit breakout season in any sense of the term. He could easily be even more productive than that. And that’s why Logan Thomas is my choice for the Bills’ breakout player for 2017.

One small thing that I love about him as a pass rusher is that he really seems to understand about not going much deeper than the level of the quarterback, so he always has a chance to get to him.

When you watch good quarterbacks play, you will notice they are always Cheap Jerseys NBA Jerseys climbing the pocket to avoid the rush rather than going deeper or laterally.

Drew Brees is a master at this even though the closer he gets to his offensive line, the harder Cheap Jerseys Online Free Shipping time Cheap Jerseys NCAA he has seeing downfield because of his height. What you won’t see much of is a defensive player taking a deep route and sacking Brees. By the time he gets there, Brees is usually already stepped up in the pocket.

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