The battle for Marlins ownership has already been settled thanks to a long-lost off-Broadway show

The battle for the fate of the Miami Marlins is on. Two spectacular camps have emerged, vying for baseball domination in south Florida. On Tuesday morning we learned of a partnership between Derek Jeter and Michael Jordan, now they’re being joined by another star-studded partnership: Jeb Bush and Pitbull.

They had a breakthrough year from a starter who ranks seventh in the National League in FanGraphs’ WAR. He has the seventh-best xFIP in baseball. He also ranks 55th in the NL in ERA and makes a lot of money, enough that teams weren’t willing to overlook the old stats to focus on the new stats.

They had a young pitcher under a reasonable contract who was ultra-desirable last year. That pitcher has the worst ERA in the NL.

They had a dominant closer, the kind every postseason wants, even if the Giants would have had to pay down his salary a little. The closer was partially ineffective, and now he’s hurt.

They had an outfielder in the middle of a very nice offensive renaissance. But he can’t field and, whoops, looks like absolutely no team is looking for an outfielder.

I could go on. Don’t make me go on. But the Giants didn’t make a move after Eduardo Nu?ez because they Cheap Vintage Basketball Jerseys couldn’t. They were screwed in all the right ways, bless them. And it’s why they’re stuck between a rebuild and a Cheap USA Jerseys forced reload.

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