Aaron Judge’s latest giant home run almost left Safeco Field

I’ll try to figure this out two ways. The first is to search for the seasons with five-win players at the various positions and see which season had the most of them.

The second is to eyeball the lists because I hate and distrust the first way.

Ah, yes, 1977. Star Wars is released. Pink Floyd’s Animals teaches us that rich people are bad. A handsome, nearsighted baseball writer is introduced to the world. And there are catchers, catchers, catchers. Check out the list of catchers in the middle of All-Star-caliber seasons, if not MVP-caliber seasons:

Aaron Judge blasts giant home runs into orbit. It’s what he does. On Friday night in Seattle he did that again and … you just need to see this.

The 440 foot shot was so big that it almost left Safeco Field. Judge now has 31 home runs on the year, leading MLB — and there’s no sign of stopping. At this point we can only marvel at baseball’s Paul Bunyan, and Judge’s feats of strength are stunning his teammates too.

David Robertson spoke to the New York Post after the game and marveled at the home run.

“It’s not fair. It’s like he is playing on a Little League field,’’ David Robertson said Cheap Rugby Jerseys of Judge’s 31st home run that came within three rows of clearing the back wall of the ballpark in left field and Cheap Soccer Jerseys Kids was measured at 440 feet. “I have never seen anyone hit a home run like that.’’

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