Egomaniac Odell Beckham Jr. is hurting himself with diva-like behavior

The list of ridiculous Odell Beckham Jr. statements and actions continues to grow. The latest is his proclamation that he should be the NFL’s highest-paid player regardless of position.

Hey, OBJ, have you ever heard of a position called quarterback?

There’s a pattern here. This is a guy who is clearly more interested in being a celebrity than a great football player.

Somebody needs to quote Hall of Fame Coach Tony Dungy’s great line to Beckham: “Never do anything to put yourself or the organization in a bad light.” And I’d add what I always told our players during my team president years when I spoke to them at the opening meeting of training camp: “Always act like a professional on and off the field.”

He made all those stops just to get to the NFL, then had stops in New York and Arizona as part of a productive career that doesn’t quite follow the same arc as those other legendary quarterbacks.

“You come into this and the first thing you think is, ‘I don’t belong in this room,'” Warner said. “But then to have these guys come up to you and tell you what your career meant to them, guys that you tried to be like, it’s hard to put that into words. I think that’s the awe part of it.”

It couldn’t happen. But it did, and the consensus now is it’s a remarkable story.

That will be immortalized when he takes the stage Saturday.

“The fortunate thing because of the career that I had I was fortunate to meet a lot of these guys Ravens Cheap Jerseys when I played,” Warner said. “But I think the awe moment with all of this is to realize that these guys who you Reebok Cheap Jerseys tried to emulate, grew up watching that were your heroes growing up, actually know your story.”

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