LeBron James on Adam Jones taunts: ‘Racism is gonna be a part of time forever’

After the Cavs took down the Raptors in Game 2, LeBron James was asked about something more important than the basketball game: racism.

The question was brought on following a situation earlier in the week when Orioles outfielder Adam Jones was subjected to racist taunts by fans at Fenway Park in Boston. Jones said he was called the N-word multiple times and that a bag Cheap Rugby Jerseys New Zealand of peanuts was thrown at him.

“He’s dirty. Dirty player, man. I don’t respect guys like that,” Green said. “I mean, I know he’s not like the greatest basketball player of all time, so maybe you feel like you got to like do that, but you don’t like — just dirty. Like I don’t respect that man, he dirty.”

Green’s podcast co-host Marcus Thompson then wanted the Warriors player to talk about his own antics. After all, Green was suspended during last year’s NBA Finals for a play many said was dirty. But Green says there’s a difference between veteran moves and intent to harm.

“It’s a big difference between knowing all the tricks because knowing all the tricks ain’t doing stuff to hurt people. Like, come on, he really yanked this dude’s shoulder out of place. I don’t roll with that man, dude dirty.

“This dude be out there trying to hurt people man. I don’t rock with bruh like that.”

The shoulder incident Green is referring to is from 2015, when Olynyk pulled on Kevin Love’s shoulder, causing an injury that forced him to miss the rest of the playoffs. A similar play happened in the playoff Cheap Rugby Jerseys UK series this year against the Bulls, as well.

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