Warriors’ Draymond Green on racism in sports: ‘I’ve gotten the N-word’

Draymond Green is all too familiar with fans chanting racist taunts at professional athletes.

While the Warriors forward is used to hearing the usual trash talk, he does get surprised when hecklers take it to the next level.

“I’ve gotten the N-word, all of that. I’d rather not get into [where]. A few places, especially Cheap Quality NFL Jerseys being that it is me. Athletes are just not protected in that regard. Maybe something like [the Adam Jones incident] will help,” Green told The Undefeated on Tuesday. “Cheer for your team. Do what you want. But if I’m playing in the game and you’re cheering for your team, it doesn’t give you the right to say whatever you want to say to me.

“This is my job, and I can’t go to your job and say whatever I want to you. If I went to someone else’s job and said whatever I wanted to say, I’d get arrested for harassment. It’s a fine line. … We are in a position where if you naturally react, you’re screwed, you’re losing money. But there are great fans out there, and all fans shouldn’t be put in that category.”

Grant will draw the start for Chicago in place of Rondo. Cameron Payne, who was acquired via a trade with the Thunder this season, will be active as well. The Bulls could also look to veterans Butler or Dwyane Wade to play Cheap Real Jerseys the point position instead of relying entirely on the backups.

Chicago will look to defend home court Friday and Sunday as the series moves to United Center.

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