Charlie Sheen behind auction of Babe Ruth’s 1927 World Series ring, Red Sox sales document

Two of the most iconic Babe Ruth items will be sold on the auction block on Friday, and an unexpected actor revealed himself to be the owner.

Charlie Sheen put Ruth’s 1927 World Series ring and an original copy of the Red Sox sales document that Cheap Laker Jerseys Sale gave Ruth to the Yankees on the block and said he co-signed on the items, reported.

It’s pretty simple, there has been no promo that has taken over the baseball world like The Freeze has over the last few years and people are taking notice. Even players are taking notice with Bradley Zimmer being one of them. However, he kind of was dragged into it.

Now why’d you have to go and put Zimm in a position like that Cleveland? Didn’t you know he already has to live down brother Kyle’s bust status every day already? We’re just kidding guys, come on, it’s Saturday.

But The Freeze saw the tweet and of course had to respond. And the ensuing interaction is pretty priceless.

But in all honesty the rest question is, can either of them beat the fastest squirrel in the world?

This is the type of politicing many can get behind, and we don’t Cheap Lakers Jerseys even need to drive a golf cart onto a green for this kind of entertainment.

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