He won’t get that excited about it in public

He even got in on bringing Marshawn Lynch out of retirement, to help on the field and soothe the burn off the field, the feeling of betrayal by Oakland fans.

There are a lot of blueprints around the AFC contenders can try to copy. None of them have been easy, not the Patriots, Broncos, Steelers or Ravens. Now, add the Raiders’ roadmap, suppress your shock from the memory of what they were just three years ago, and give McKenzie his due.

He won’t get that excited about it in public, but he deserves it.

One problem may involve the fixation at the draft’s top end to not get beat on potential, leaving more developed players for franchises that wind up with more successful players and teams.

Elite talent is not to be dismissed — Anthony Davis, John Wall and Kyrie Irving were all excellent prospects who have become extraordinary NBA players. Of the All-NBA players drafted this decade, though, there were as many three- and four-year collegians (five) as one-and-dones. And those three No. 1 overall picks represented the majority of the one-year guys.

You’ve been told almost since the start of the most recent college basketball season that Washington Cheap Jerseys And Snapbacks point guard Markelle Fultz is the obvious No. 1 pick. The 76ers thought enough of him to trade away a future Cheap Jerseys 90 first-round pick to ensure they could select him. Fultz will be expected to be a crucial asset in turning the Sixers from a team that averaged fewer than 20 wins over the past four seasons.

Fultz’s college team lost 71 percent of its games. That maybe wasn’t his fault, as Scout.com analyst Brian Snow likes to say, but it was his problem. Attempting to justify the avalanche of pre-draft hype over the past eight months is his problem now.

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