Former Colts GM Ryan Grigson lands new job with Browns

Ryan Grigson may have had an ugly exit from Indianapolis, but the former Colts general manager is getting another chance in the NFL.

The Browns announced Wednesday they’ve hired Grigson as a senior personnel executive who will report to vice president of player personnel Andrew Berry.

“Ryan brings valuable experience to our personnel group,” Browns GM Sashi Brown said in a statement. “He was raised as a road-scout and has been evaluating talent in this league for almost 20 Cheap Indiana Pacers Jerseys years. We place a premium on that experience and on his passion for football. Ryan has much to offer to any personnel department and we are pleased that he chose to join our staff.”

Does five extra minutes in an overtime game really make that big of a difference? Perhaps there is a powerpoint presentation at the owners’ meeting that claims so, but to fans, the decision is not going over well. When ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted the news Tuesday morning, fans (and even former players) responded with resentment.

So, how many more ties would this rule have created in the last five years? There have been 83 overtime games in the last five seasons and five of those ended in ties. Had those games ended five minutes earlier, like these new rules state, there would have been 16 ties.

Obviously scenarios in those games could have been different, but it’s a good starting point. Over triple the number of ties, which isn’t something fans like watching. If anything, fans would probably like five more minutes added to the end of games instead of less.

Owners are expected to pass this rule change Tuesday.

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