They will do pool work to increase stability and agility.

The snow has thrown a wrench into plans. Mauk has just a few days left in New Jersey with Martin and Fielder, and they need to maximize their time together. A foot of snow will shut things down for at least a day.

No matter, says Martin, “We will train tomorrow even if I have to stay in the hotel tonight. No days off.”

“Maybe I can run in the snow,” Mauk says with a laugh. “Can we get the Rocky soundtrack?”

They will do pool work to increase stability and agility. If Cheap Custom Baseball Jerseys they can get into a ballroom at the hotel, they will attempt to do more footwork drills. If the parking lot is cleared, Mauk will throw to Martin in the snow.

It seems patently unfair to players, but the NFL got rich on being unfair to players. And it’s still Cheap Giants Jerseys less of a threat to them than the free-for-all that will now take place in preseason Week 4.

And it all raises the question once again: Why are they playing these again?

The way teams are using them lately, they’re all being played to fill the bottom end of the roster. The illusion of getting key players used to the hitting, timing and pace of real action has pretty much been dispersed. Last preseason, coaches went out of their way to play their starters — especially their quarterbacks — as little as possible, even in the Week 3 tune-up.

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