Draft picks with domestic violence history show NFL is back where it started

This is not the first time it has been obvious the NFL learned nothing from its year in Ray Rice/Greg Hardy hell. Remember, the football world got wind of the Giants’ enabling of Josh Brown less than a year ago.

This is just the latest time the NFL has fallen back to square one on the topic of violence against Cheap Fishing Jerseys women. Now everyone should wonder whether the league ever moved off of it in the first place.

No, not if last week’s NFL Draft is any indication.

But the NFL made it clear Wednesday that, for all the raw sewage dumped on Blandino non-stop for four years as senior vice president of officiating, he had shouldered an enormous weight on behalf of the league and its ever-growing tangle of rule changes and enforcement.

The weight was so great that in replacing Blandino as he leaves for a still-unnamed television job, the NFL split his old job among three people.

Even if they weren’t going to a centralized replay system, replacing the old replay hood with tablets, and reducing the role of the game referee in making the decision, the task asked of Blandino was enough for at least one other body. To be fair, the plan always included the man who took over his specific job title Wednesday, Al Riveron, promoted from senior director of officiating.nike_steelers_2636

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