Spurs vs. Grizzlies 2017: Schedule, scores, and predictions for NBA playoffs

In a traditionally hard-fought showdown between two Western Conference foes, the No. 2 San Antonio Spurs and seventh-seeded Memphis Grizzlies go head-to-head in a lopsided first-round playoff matchup.

In theory, Utah is a team that could bother Golden State, but in reality, there wasn’t much the Jazz NFL Jerseys Free Shipping could do. Not against an offense that executed with 49 percent shooting from the field and 32 assists on 40 made field goals, and not when they turned the ball over just seven times. When Rudy Gobert was cooked by Curry, it was a startling reminder that even the best laid plans, even ones involving a center you hoped you briefly stay with your perimeter player in a desperation move.

This series isn’t over by any means, but it doesn’t feel like there’s much drama, either. We know how favored the Warriors will be, regardless. Golden State can crush you in a hundred different ways, and they did exactly that against Utah to open up the series.

This was a very physical game right from the get-go. Morris threw Al Horford out of bounds early on as he wasn’t too fond of him landing under his foot in Game 1 and that set the tone. Boston left the Wizards with bumps and bruises as Porter got a bloody nose, Oubre dinged in the chin, and the entire team getting out-muscled on the glass.

Conduct a poll of 200 hockey men, and it might be unanimous: Edmonton got what it needed in that deal, and giving up Hall was well worth it.”

Spector then doubles down on idiocy with a bogus assumption to finish the piece.

Hall’s Oilers would curl up in a ball when met with this game. Larsson’s prevailed. It’s not so simple – no trade is – but GM Peter Chiarelli really nailed this one, acquiring a hard, sometimes-dirty, physical player who perfectly embodies everything the old Oilers lacked.

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